Olivia Jane Wilde is a mom, an activist, an actress, and an all around amazing person. She is who she is and doesn't think twice about it. THAT'S what makes her my favorite. Hopefully I can persuade you that she's worthy of your time. If you have any questions or requests, drop a line in my ask! I'm here to please.
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Potato gun fun.

What lovely people.

What an attractive cast.

Normal’s overrated.

Someone’s creeping on RSL.

The Dig.






Possibly my favorite photoset ever. 

Love the look on her face.


Hugh is the most wonderful, awesome, hilarious bad ass I’ve worked with. Such intense talent. I miss him!
— Olivia Wilde
I’ll kill you - when the times comes - if you want me to… Do it now if you like… I’ve got a baseball bat in the back.