Olivia Jane Wilde is a mom, an activist, an actress, and an all around amazing person. She is who she is and doesn't think twice about it. THAT'S what makes her my favorite. Hopefully I can persuade you that she's worthy of your time. If you have any questions or requests, drop a line in my ask! I'm here to please.
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I’ll kill you - when the times comes - if you want me to… Do it now if you like… I’ve got a baseball bat in the back.

Olivia and JT (and the occasional Hugh Laurie).

Thirteen: Spoke to Wilson.

House: He’s angry because I want him to live longer. Who wouldn’t be?

Thirteen: Friends respect each other’s decisions, even if they don’t agree with them. It’s called loyalty.

House: Loyalty is a tool to get people to do things they don’t wanna do.

Thirteen: But you do want to. You may have rationalized it a hundred different ways, but the fact is, you fired me so that I’d be forced to spend the rest of my life doing exactly what I wanted to do. It was probably the most selfless thing anyone has ever done for me. And you don’t even like me that much.

Liv and Hugh.

The cast’s 100th episode celebration, teaming with NAMI.  Normal is overrated.

The Dig.

Love this cast.

It’s no wonder Cuddy broke up with you.

The girls and Hugh. <3

Merry Christmas!

Oh wait.  Well, that could explain the snowwe got here yesterday.  

Normal’s Overrated.

This photoset does not need a caption.

-I can work with people who’ve got nowhere else to go. People who got something to prove. People who just get off on weird cases. What I can’t work with is someone who’s here so she doesn’t have to feel bad.

-You’re trying to save me.

-Yes…I think that little of you and that much of me.

-Okay…Bye, House

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