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House’s ringtone for the team is MMMBop.

I love it.

The Dig.

I’ll kill you - when the times comes - if you want me to… Do it now if you like… I’ve got a baseball bat in the back.

The Dig.

This photoset does not need a caption.

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House and his new team.

Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything.
— Gregory House

Thirteen: What did Cuddy want?

Dr. Gregory House: I kinda hit that last night, so now she's all on my jock.

Thirteen: Wow! She looks pretty good for someone on roofies.

You can tell that House finds Thirteen utterly fascinating. She intrigues him so much.

Don’t just me on this one but when I first saw The Dig, I thought, “Maybe they should get together…just once.  That’d be hot.”

haha.  Don’t mind me.  I didn’t sleep very well last night.

Simple Explanation.

One of my favorite moments in season 2 of House.

Dr. Allison Cameron: If you ask me, if two people really trust each other, a threesome once every seven years might actually help a marriage.

[everyone stares at her]

Dr. Gregory House: Okay, I say we stop the DDX and discuss that comment.



Poor House.