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Oh. Anon that was asking me what happened tonight, I forgot one thing.

I’ve been reading Signal Fire.  It’s a great Cadley fic.  Probably one of the best.  So you should go check it out if you haven’t already.  SO GOOD.  

Pretty pretty ladies.

How am I spending my Election Day 2012?

Well, I went out to eat with my parents, went to the grocery store to walk around (I bought Sour Patch Kids and pomegranate juice), sat and watched presidential shows on the History Channel with my dad, and read Cadley fanfic.  Soon I’ll be moving to the kitchen to watch CNN election results.  That’s my day.  What have you been doing?

Anonymous asked:
If you had to choose one Cadley author and only read his/her stories, who would you choose?

Most definitely Rabidnar.  You should check out her writing ASAP if you haven’t already.  Signal Fire is probably my favorite Cadley story ever.  Do it!

So…is anyone taking me up on my request to write some Cadley smut?

No?  Damn.

Was the real reason Thirteen left because there was a secret romance between her and Cameron?


Anyone wanna write some new Cadley smut?

Or any Thirteen/someone else smut?

I’m reading Cadley fanfiction today.

How did this not happen?

Pretty ladies.

Lovely ladies.

Let your Cadley minds go crazy, k?