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Dearest followers of mine, answer me a question please?

I am now watching through random episodes of House that I really like/there were good moments in.  I need some suggestions though.  I have seasons 1-6 on dvd and all of the OW episodes of season 7 on my computer.  What eps should be on my watch list?  I need some help or this will be what I’ll feel like-

  1. speakthespeech answered: Personally the episode that jumps out to me everytime is Season 2 episode 9( It think) “All In” for all the hilarious House/Wilson moments XD
  2. haveyouevercriedwolf answered: Three Stories. One Day, One Room. House vs God. The Jerk. Cand and Able. argjihghbgvybuijufihu can I choose them all? D:
  3. ohbabybowdown said: For good OW episodes in the seasons 1-6? Then DEFINITELY 4x08 ‘You Don’t Want To Know’, 5x09 ‘Last Resort’ and 5x14 ‘The Greater Good’ :):)
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