Olivia Jane Wilde is an activist, an actress, and an all around amazing person. She is who she is and doesn't think twice about it. THAT'S what makes her my favorite. Hopefully I can persuade you that she's worthy of your time. If you have any questions or requests, drop a line in my ask! I'm here to please.
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The way she looks at him…

Blue suits her.

That smile. <3

I do need feminism because…

THR’s Philanthropy Issue

In Marie Claire.

Olivia Wilde, Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd and Crowdrise founders Edward Norton and producer Shauna Robertson share why they are involved in the e-ecommerce website that raises money for charitable donations.


Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been pretty deep in my Depression and can’t seem to get out. I’ve gotten better at hiding it from people, but I’m drowning in it. Hopefully I can focus on myself for awhile and get back to baseline. Doesn’t mean I won’t be posting. Just that I’ll be posting less. At least one a day though. If you could keep me in your thoughts and prayers, that’d be awesome. Thank you for your constant support. Means a lot.

What a cutie pie.

I love the Millennium series. I think I want to learn Swedish. Then go work at ikea

High fashion.

Transferring 11 GB of Liv pictures to a flash drive in case my computer crashes.

That’s a few pictures.