Olivia Jane Wilde is an activist, an actress, and an all around amazing person. She is who she is and doesn't think twice about it. THAT'S what makes her my favorite. Hopefully I can persuade you that she's worthy of your time. If you have any questions or requests, drop a line in my ask! I'm here to please.
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Anonymous asked:
I love your blog soooooooo much!! You are the best <3

Thank you soooooooo much.  I’m glad you like what I’m putting out.  Olivia’s practically perfect in every way so I’ve got good material to start out with!

Anonymous asked:
You are so cute! :)

Why thank you, kind anon.  I need messages like this to get me through the hard days.  And today was one of those days.  So thanks. :)

thatgirljazz replied to your photo: “Please hold my panties.”:
Is that out already?

It comes out September 5!  They’ve released 2 trailers so far.


Please hold my panties.

Sibling love.


Olivia Wilde in The Longest Week (2014)

An edit to welcome me back.

I just have this feeling that I’m never going to actually go anywhere on life. I’m on disability, can’t go out without an escort, can’t be in busy places without being high on ativan, and don’t see any of that changing. I can’t think. I couldn’t go to school & actually retain anything. I’m just a waste of space…

Thank you to all of my followers!  I adore you all.

Everyone go follow lisaedelstein if you aren’t already.  She’s pretty dope.

Her faces are the best.


house week