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I’m heading to bed, guys. I’m going to church in the morning. I’m pretty excited because this church was in my city’s Pride parade this year. So I think it’ll be a good experience.

I hope everyone has had at least an alright Saturday and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


I've started looking for squirrels like it's hide and seek or something

hahah.  I didn’t put one on the latest edit so don’t look too hard!

If only my doctors looked like Thirteen.

I just took the best shower in the entire world.

I almost got all of my hair detangled.  

Let’s commence blogging in the nude.  (ha)

Potato gun fun.

think-of-butterflies-instead replied to your post: “think-of-butterflies-instead replied to your post: “Tell me what…”:
My cats Frida, Brittana and Floquinho do the same! I think I’m gonna watch some Adventure Time, I fell in love with it

I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard good things about it.  I think we’re going to watch some House tonight.  :)  

Awesome.  Buffy and I are sitting on the couch now because I wanted to use my computer.  She goes with me wherever I go.

What a beaut.

Tell me what you’re doing this Saturday afternoon

I’m laying in bed, watching Silver Linings Playbook on Netflix.

Live & Babs promoting Conscious Commerce and the Global Citizen Fest.

pauvre-petit-eli-sawicki replied to your post: “Don’t you hate it when your brain tells you that you’d be better off…”:
um squirrels. and liv. and otis. tiny baby otis. uh… and pretty ladies. :) macaroni and cheese. pizza. puppies. good food in general. sunsets. autumn. music. awesome people. all things to live for. :)

Thanks, hon.  All things to live for.  

collegethanduniverthitieth replied to your post: “Don’t you hate it when your brain tells you that you’d be better off…”:

I’ve never hear that poem before.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  She summed up everything I’ve been feeling.  Thank you for your words.

Hey girl hey.

Boho beauty.